3 Inventions that Should be Created

The world we live in is in constant evolution, and the last century has brought changes of modern life more than in millenniums of gradual progress before. The technological advancement is explosive and today dreams are the realities of tomorrow.

Interstellar travel

With interstellar travel we have been fairly well familiarized for some time through reading and the science-fiction films. The term suggests a a vehicle moving through space huge distances with the speed of light. This form of transport is more difficult than interplanetary travel mainly because of higher long distances to be traveled through space.Such of technologies will allow people to reach other worlds, new horizons, and colonizeze the galaxy.

NASA researchers believe that this can be achieve: the invention of a method of propulsion to enable achieve maximum speed possible in the universe and a new mode of energy production in the ship, which provide infinite autonomy and to ensure the permanent operation of all equipment. The problem of food is less discussed, because not taken into account, for now, such a trip with human crew on board.

Energy shield

In fiction, energy shields is a variety pack of invisible force, meant to protect the body against certain weapons or items. The field is projected on the surface or in the space around an object and function usually by absorption and reflection of a power attack. Long exposure to such attacks weakens the field, eventually, it destroys, making the protected area vulnerable to attack.

Panacea or Supreme Cure

Panacea, named after the Greek goddess of healing, Panacea,is hypothetical cure, meant to cure all diseases and prolong life. He was associated with the alchemists, elixir of life and philosophy stone. Although it is an illusory concept, medical science is working already for some time to discover such an ideal recipe. He thinks it would be the cure for cancer, HIV, viruses, aging, disease and any disorder.

May occur? Theoretically, yes. For millennia, the idea was only a dream daring, but today medical science says that panacea can become a reality in the future. The progress that we made in medicine and genetics in understanding the immune system more accredit this idea with each new year. Given the accelerated pace of evolution of medicine, if feasible, panacea will certainly be discovered in the future.

It can be done? It is debatable. The scientists take into account the possibility, but a number of obstacles must be overcome before this invention to get even in the concept phase. Basically, everything about the design of energy into a solid form and, once done this, would not remain just a step to concetizarea technology. However, the costs involved are huge, and the concept beyond current technological capabilities. There have been some efforts to achieve the protective shields in case of ships entering the cosmic magnetic field of the Earth. Was done to create a cloud of plasma around positive loaded ship, which would curb the positively charged particles the sun to reach the steel structure of the ship, but does not know the exact evolutionary stage of the project.

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