Convert a torque wrench from inch pounds to foot pounds

If you need to torque something let’s say to 16 Ft pounds, you can use also a torque wrench that measures “inch” pounds. So, how do I convert that ?

It is a simple its a simple math conversion. A foot pound is the torque you get when you apply a pound of force on the end of a 1 foot rod. So 1 ft*lb = 12 in*lbs.
Simply multiply your ft*lb torque by 12 to get inch*lbs.

16 ft*lb = 192 in*lbs

Or you can use our Torque Wrench Conversion Calculator

Let’s go more profound into the subject:

There are 12 inch pounds in one foot pound because there are 12 inches in one foot. Therefore there are 1200 inch pounds in one hundred foot pounds
Torque is defined as: The measure of the force applied to produce rotational motion (usually measured in foot-pounds). Torque is determined by multiplying the applied force by the distance from the pivot point to the point where the force is applied.

  1. In the English system, torque is measured in “foot-pounds” or “inch-pounds”.
  2. In the Metric system, torque is measured in “Newton-meters”.
  3. 8.851 inch-pounds = 1 Newton-meter
  4. 1 foot-pound = 12 inch-pounds
  5. 16 ounce-inches = 1 inch-pound
  6. 1 Newton = 1 kilogram-meter per second squared
  7. Torque = Force x Moment Arm

You can use the torque wrench you have if the scale on your wrench is equal to the right amount. For example 120 inch pounds divided by 12 is 10 foot pounds.

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